Summer is ending and I think the only thing I’m really truly sad about is that I’ll be separated from my best friends again.


Don’t leave me you guys :(

Friday Aug 8 @ 12:54am
Sunday Jul 7 @ 10:34am


Gold Dipped Geode Slice Necklace 

Friday Jul 7 @ 10:33pm


Dragons Breath Fire Opal Necklace

Surrounded by morning glory vines, this dragons breath fire opal pendant shows magnificent shades of blue, violet, and pink. Connected to a silver-plated o-chain with swooping swallow pendants. Chain measures 15” in length. Sold on Etsy.

Saturday Jun 6 @ 03:52pm
Thursday Jun 6 @ 11:54pm

Not even 24 hours of being home and I already want to leave and never come back. I can’t understand why asking a simple scheduling question has to bring up every single underlying fear my mom has about me.

Sunday Jun 6 @ 10:56am


Hammock Chair

Lounge indoors or outdoors using this comfortable hammock chair. Features a crossbar made of wood from the Baltic Sea and a fold-out foot rest. Includes two pillows to create maximum comfort. Sold on Etsy.

Thursday Jun 6 @ 04:50pm


“don’t be shy” thanks u cured me

Sunday Jun 6 @ 06:37pm

Sometimes I forget that one of my moles is a part of my face and I end up rubbing at it vigorously for a little while because I think it’s a chocolate smear.

Sunday Jun 6 @ 08:53am


Stale Cupcakes - K.K. Slider

Sunday Jun 6 @ 12:25am